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Everything you need to know about getting care at MFP

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Here's what your visit includes...

Step 1: Check-In

Your first stop is the front desk. Here, we'll ask for:

  • Your name and personal information -- We'll ask about things like your birth date, address, and a phone number where we can reach you.
  • What kind of appointment you want or need.
  • Whether or not you have health insurance -- if you do have insurance, we'll ask to see a copy of your insurance card.
  • Your household income and family size, so we can figure out your discount.

You do not need insurance to be seen at our family planning clinics.

If you have insurance but your deductible is high please read this.

Step 2: Getting to Know You

There are certain things we need to know about you so we can give you the best health care.  We'll ask about things like:

  • Your family medical history
  • Your health -- How are you feeling?  Have you been sick?
  • Your relationships and future plans -- are you in a relationship? Do you feel safe at home? Do you want to have children in the future? 

Step 3: Getting What You Want & Need

After you've completed some paperwork, you'll meet with the medical assistant. This is your chance to tell us what's on your mind. Maybe you have questions about:

  • Your period or any discharge or discomfort
  • Pain during sex
  • Body changes you're unsure about

You can also let the medical assistant know if:

  • You want to talk about different kinds of birth control
  • You want to get tested for STDs
  • You'd like a pregnancy test

Our staff members are also able to help with issues like:

  • General health concerns
  • Emergency Contraception (Plan B)
  • HIV testing and prevention, as well as STD testing and treatment
  • Preventing pregnancy, including abstinence
  • Sexual assault and domestic violence issues

Step 4: Seeing the Nurse Practitioner

Some family planning visits include a Nurse Practitioner.  You'll see one of our NPs if you're not feeling well or you have something in your medical history that should be checked more closely.

Step 5: Checking Out

Your last stop is right back where you started -- at the front desk. At checkout you'll be told what your charges are and we'll work with you to make payment arrangements.

We will never turn you away if you can't pay for your visit.  We will always figure out a way to make our services affordable.

Your health care is important to us! Call today for an appointment.

List of family planning clinic locations in Maine.