Pregnancy Options

What are my options for this pregnancy?

You can decide to:

  • continue the pregnancy and plan to parent.
  • continue the pregnancy and plan for adoption or foster care.
  • end the pregnancy by having an abortion.

If you decide to continue the pregnancy, it is important to see a healthcare provider right away for prenatal care. Your family doctor, local hospital, or family planning center can refer you to a doctor or midwife. For help during the pregnancy or with parenting, go to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services or call them at 207-287-3707 for information on:

  • Healthcare coverage
  • Food stamps
  • Income assistance
  • Visiting nurses
  • Adoption
  • Foster care
  • Child care
  • Other resources for parents

If you live in either Washington or Hancock Counties, contact Maine Family Planning's WIC Nutrition Program to see whether you qualify for this nutrition and food supplement program. If you live in Hancock County, contact our Maine Families program to find out what this program can do for your family.

If you decide to make a plan for adoption or foster care, an adoption agency can provide help. Go to A Guide to Adoption Services in Maine for information on a licensed adoption agency near you and the location of the nearest office of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.

If you decide to have an abortion, Maine Family Planning will provide you with the highest quality abortion care and give you the information and supplies you need to avoid an unplanned pregnancy in the future.

For more information about your options:

Only you can decide what is right for you at this time. Our role is to support you in the decision you make.