Our Mission Statement

To ensure that all Maine people have access to high-quality, affordable reproductive health care, comprehensive sexual health education, and the right to control their reproductive lives.

We believe:

  • All Maine people should have the means and information to control the number and timing of their children regardless of their ability to pay or place of residence.
  • Our medical services must be complemented by counseling and education services.
  • A system of laws and education should exist to support prevention of an unintended pregnancy.
  • Laws should not interfere with an individual's right to decide what option they may choose in the event of an unintended pregnancy.
  • The community at large should be educated about the need for family planning services and educational programs.
  • The people who control the State’s resources must know what we do and how it meets the needs of their constituencies.
  • It is one of our primary purposes to prevent abortion by preventing unintended pregnancies.