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Statewide Headquarters

Maine Family Planning's headquarters are located at 43 Gabriel Drive in Augusta, Maine.

Maine Family Planning
P.O. Box 587
Augusta, ME 04332-0587
Tel: 207-622-7524
Fax: 207-622-0836

Public Affairs & Advocacy

Main office, Augusta, Maine: (207) 480-3518

Social Media

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Press Room, Advocacy & Communications

For information on the latest news about our efforts at the Statehouse and in Washington, D.C. e-mail our Advocacy Department. For press related inquiries, e-mail our Pressroom.

Professional Development & Prevention Programs

E-mail our Education Department for information on our work with schools, parents, and communities.
E-mail our Training Department for information on training workshops and conferences.

Development & Fundraising

E-mail our Development Department
You can call us at 207-622-7524 (ask for Development) for all questions related to fundraising and making a donation.

Postal Mail

If you wish to write us a letter, please address it to:

George A. Hill, CEO
Maine Family Planning
P.O. Box 587
Augusta, Maine 04332-0587