Organize with MFP!

MFP has a staff organizer on board to help Mainers stay connected to opportunities for education, civic participation, and collective action for reproductive health, rights & justice.

We Need YOU! Join Us! 



We are excited to team up with Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights to host screenings of Birthright: A War Story. This 90-minute documentary highlights the political history of abortion in America and the collateral damage restrictive laws have for women.

Wednesday, April 4th @ 6-8:30 PM

Belfast Free Library in Belfast 

($5 suggested donation). If the cost of admission presents a barrier, please contact us.



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We keep you in the loop about opportunities to testify in public hearings at the state house, when to call your local representatives about relevant bills, as well as upcoming grassroots actions and public events. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Partner with us! Work with us to organize a public forum, presentation, or workshop in your town or with an existing community group. Right now, we are particularly looking for folks willing to host small group or public presentations on MFP's bold work in the areas of abortion care delivery & improving access. Contact Cait to brainstorm!

Become a trained MFP advocacy volunteer. We need folks who are willing to give their time and talents on a semi-regular basis to engage in conversations “beyond the choir.” Cait will work one-on-one and in cohorts to provide training and ongoing support as you learn new organizing skills, or brush up on old ones you haven’t used in a while! 

Become a storyteller advocate. Sharing personal stories is one of the most effective ways to shift public opinion and lobby lawmakers. It’s also a powerful method of combating stigma around reproductive health and abortion. Begin by sharing why you support MFP via our online story bank, and consider if you'd like to share your stories via other platforms, such as Letters to the Editor, our MFP blog, and more. Cait can consult with you about the most empowering ways to share your unique story.

Start something new! As new supporters join, our efforts evolve with the unique experiences you bring to the work. If there’s something you’re excited about that isn’t listed here, contact Cait to talk about it!

What is community organizing & why do we do it? 

Organizing is one way we put our values into action, by transforming our communities through ongoing outreach, public education & demonstration. Acting collectively & strategically, we CAN achieve significant cultural & political shifts.

Reproductive freedoms are under renewed attack by the Trump administration and Congress. It's crucial for those who support access to family planning services & abortion care to come together and demand the protection of our rights. MFP utilizes a Reproductive Justice framework, inspired by & adopted from the national movement founded & led by Black women in the 1990s. We seek to educate, agitate, and organize around the issues and systems that shape Mainers' ability to 1) make informed & empowered choices about sexual & reproductive health, 2) freely decide if/when to have children, and 3) raise families & foster healthy communities with adequate resources and self-determination, and 4) express their gender identities & sexual orientations with freedom & safety.

Reproductive oppression takes many forms, including bills that create legal, economic & social barriers to accessing abortion & contraceptives, such as the Hyde Amendment; cuts to public assistance programs; racist & xenophobic violence and intimidation targeting People of Color & immigrants; and efforts to criminalize pregnant people & parents experiencing addiction, rather than provide care that supports a road to recovery & keeps families together.

We need the support, talent, and time of Maine people more than ever so we can defend our existing legal access and rights, and advance a bold vision for reproductive freedom and justice that dignifies all of us.


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